Where we stand

Our Vision For Transport In The North

Labour will invest in a modern, integrated, accessible and sustainable transport system that is reliable and affordable.

Local Policy

We will fight for greater powers over transport to make a real difference for passengers.

It’s time that fares and services were agreed not with profits but with passengers in mind.

We will focus on evaluating and implementing sustainable transport measures across Harrogate & Knaresborough.

  • We oppose the ‘inner relief road’ which will irreversibly damage the countryside and wildlife around the beautiful Nidd Gorge, eventually leading to extra development along the road which would lead to further congestion.
  • Create safe cycle routes and bike storage.
  • Look into town traffic light synchronisation technology.
  • Implement Park & Ride with electric buses.
  • Propose a new “Bilton Woodfield Rail Station” at the Iron Bridge adjacent to Woodfield School with safe bicycle storage.
  • Reduce toxic fumes in Starbeck by reducing the waiting time of traffic at Starbeck rail crossing. This could be achieved either by constructing a new platform on the York side of the crossing or building an underpass or bridge at the point of the crossing.
  • Work with NYCC to ensure potholes are reported immediately and road repairs are carried out evenly across Harrogate.
  • Subsidise school buses and work with schools to stagger opening times to reduce congestion during commuter hours.

National Policy

Our transport systems illustrate the abject failure of Tory policies: relentless deregulation, privatisation and fragmentation.

They say we get choice and efficiency but the reality of their transport privatisations has been that services are less reliable, safety is compromised, fares have risen, ticketing has become complicated and air quality has worsened.

On our railways, we pay some of the highest fares in Europe for increasingly unreliable and overcrowded services.

Labour will prioritise public service over private profit. And we will start by bringing our railways back into public ownership, as franchises expire or, in other cases, with franchise reviews or break clauses. We will introduce a Public Ownership of the Railways Bill to repeal the Railways Act 1993 under which the Conservatives privatised our railways.