Where we stand

Addressing Housing Supply & Affordability

We will address the growing crisis of housing supply and affordability in Harrogate & Knaresborough.

Local Policy

Home is at the heart of all of our lives. It’s the foundation on which we raise our families, the bedrock for our dreams and aspirations. But for too many people, the housing pressures they face are getting worse, not better. Britain has a housing crisis – a crisis of supply and a crisis of affordability.

  • To enable the council to build significantly more social housing we would establish a council housing company in order to access the Home Building Fund.
  • Support developments near to existing infrastructure (e.g. A1M and rail links) subject to planned provision of community facilities, primary schools and sustainable transport links.
  • We will oppose large-scale developments in the North of Harrogate & Knaresborough which is already heavily congested and has problems with poor air quality.
  • Require all large-scale developments to have a minimum 35% and ideally 40% affordable houses.
  • Ensure that Harrogate Borough Council undertakes a much overdue Private Sector Rented Housing Survey to improve standards and better understand the needs in this growing area.
  • Lobby locally and nationally to make the “Decent Homes Standard” applicable to the Private Rented Sector.

National Policy

We will build one million new genuinely affordable homes over 10 years, and ensure every council every year builds or commissions Labour’s new affordable homes.

We will ensure every council every year builds or commissions Labour’s new affordable homes. We will hardwire Labour’s new affordable housing throughout the system, from housebuilding targets to investment priorities to planning rules.

We are making a 10-year commitment in Labour’s long-term plan for housing so this level of new affordable housebuilding is sustained across economic and political cycles. Big policy, financing, planning and legal changes will be required to establish a housing system fit to deliver these aims.

We propose to:

  • Define a new ‘affordable housing’ as linked to local income, and scrap the Conservatives’ so-called ‘affordable rent’ homes priced at up to 80% of market rates
  • Stop the sell-off of 50,000 social rented homes a year by suspending the right to buy, ending all conversions to ‘affordable rent’ and scrapping the Government’s plans to force councils to sell the best of their homes
  • Back councils and housing associations with new funding, powers and flexibilities to build again at scale
  • Transform the planning system with a new duty to deliver affordable homes, an English Sovereign Land Trust to make more land available more cheaply and an end to the ‘viability’ loophole that lets developers dodge their contribution to more affordable homes.