“We read with interest your interview with our MP Andrew Jones published online at the Harrogate Advertiser on August 30 and were disappointed but not surprised that he continues to look after his own best career interests rather than those of his constituents.

“As chair of Harrogate and Knaresborough Constituency Labour Party, I can confirm that we are appalled at the attempt by Mr Johnson, supported by our MP, to undermine our democratic Houses of Parliament in order to pursue a No Deal Brexit for which the country and this Constituency did not vote.

“Fortunately due to the Opposition in Parliament, led by the Labour Party, and MPs of his own Party who put country before personal interests, unlike Mr Jones, although prorogation will take place, there will be new legislation hopefully in place before the end of the week to prevent a No-Deal Brexit on 31 October 31.”

Margaret Smith
H&K Labour Chair

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  1. Andrew Jones doesnt support 1950s women receiving some sort of restitution for their extra 5-6 years they are having to wait to receive their State Pensions. My hubby was 65 in March 2018; he received his state pension one month later. I was 65 in June 2019, but have to wait until January 2020 to start receiving my state pension. Equality? Not on your nelly!

    I have written to Mr Jones on several occasions, but each time I receive the same old, same old letter back, toeing the party line – higher life expectancy, no-one has to wait more than an extra 18 months for their state pension (really??) and, in the Court case in June 2019, their legal representative said, in open course: ‘we had no legal obligation to inform anyone of the changes to their pension age/date!!!!!!!

    I only found out, about a year before my 60th birthday (2013) that I would not receive my pension at 60 because I requested a Pensions Forecast. I had a small legacy available and so was able to put into an ISA the amount of £2000; hoping it would give me some interest at the very least until I received my state pension at 63. Then the tories decided to move the goalposts once more. Now I would have to wait until 2020 for my pension! So now, a small ISA, very limited savings and, in 2017, I lost my claim for higher rate mobility being changed over from DLA to PIP. Therefore, I was in severe danger of losing my new, custom built Motability powerchair that I’d only had for a month when I went, in my chair, to my assessment; how could my assessor say I could walk 20 metres?. 20 metres is beyon me these days, as it says in the form, consistently and without pain. Just walking along our front path, I have to stop several times. That’s why I now use a powerchair – because my knees can give way without warning and throw me to the ground – I don’t bounce!!!

    I am really sorry for this long post; but I certainly hope that Mark is successful on Thursday and that Jeremy will be settled in No.10 by Christmas. Thank you for your patience and here’s hoping Friday 13th (my grandad was born on Friday 13th, so it’s a lucky date for me) is lucky for the country and we can start to heal and come together.

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