Embrace Diversity, Change the World

Harrogate and Knaresborough CLP welcomes everyone to our Equality and Diversity event. Our guest speaker will be Labour’s MP Naz Shah who is Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities. There will be live music from Henshaw’s very own ‘Hotspots’ at the beginning of the evening and their resident D.J will be playing your requests. Also a fun quiz on equality and diversity and a raffle.

There will be information leaflets available on equality issues and a ‘MIND’ stall.

This venue is disability friendly, ample car parking and there is a bus stop outside or a 5 minute walk from the train station.

Fri, 4 October 2019
19:30 – 23:00

Henshaws Arts & Crafts Centre
50 Bond End

Boris Johnson has a bridge to sell you

Like the Victorian era Boris Johnson is so enamoured with, our current Prime Minister has a strange obsession with the creation of large, ostentatious and enormously impractical projects; the latest is an implausible bridge designed to link Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Now, perhaps the desire to create huge landmarks can be put down to Johnson’s need to compensate for a total failure in implementing actual domestic policies or doing anything to help our country. Or perhaps they are simply vanity projects which he hopes will create for him a legacy that people remember more favourably than a no-deal Brexit and years of chaos, falling incomes, and failing public services.

The very idea of a Scottish-Irish bridge is ludicrous. It would be the tallest bridge in the world, over 1,4000 feet high, and be hugely expensive. Money on practical infrastructure spending – schools, hospitals, local bus services, replacing our old trains – should be any government’s priority. Money on a vanity bridge should be treated as a madcap idea and consigned to the bin.

This is without mentioning the fact that any construction work would be extremely dangerous to the actual workers. There are over a million tons of unexploded munitions, left over from WWII, in the middle of the proposed stretch of sea. Is it a risk worth taking to flatter Johnson’s ego? Definitely not.

Yet this isn’t the first of insane ideas produced by a Prime Minister who prefers gestures and gimmicks to enacting concrete reforms. The proposed London ‘Garden Bridge’ cost us £40 million without any construction work occurring, while the actually built London cable car cost another £60 million and had only four regular users during one month.

At times it can seem appealing to laugh at the incompetence behind these ludicrous infrastructure projects, but they are not always a laughing matter. They allow the Tories to transfer millions of pounds of public money into private hands without these companies doing any proper work. Incompetence, humour, and outlandish ideas provide a fitting disguise for the spending of taxpayers’ money on Boris Johnson’s chums.

Boris Johnson has a bridge to sell you, and his rich friends will be benefitting. Labour will invest in practical changes to local communities by fixing our failing rail service and reforming our bus services to give free passes to U25s and allow councils, not private profit-driven firms, to run local services in the interests of their residents.

Gus Smith – H&K Young Labour Activist


“Boris Johnson’s prorogation of parliament was “unlawful”, judges at the appeal court in Edinburgh have ruled.

The prime minister is now facing demands he recall the Commons immediately.”

– Huffingtonpost

Boris Johnson should recall parliament immediately so that MPs can start sitting again this afternoon.

– Sir Keir Starmer, Labour’s shadow Brexit secretary.

#WorldSuicidePreventionDay 2019

Today on #WorldSuicidePreventionDay we pledge that the next Labour government will reverse the damage done to NHS mental health services by austerity and provide them with the proper funding they need.

Giving mental health the same priority as physical health means not only ensuring access to services, but also making improvements, to those services.​​

Vote Lib Dem, Get Tory

Voted with Tory whip – 2010-2015

Mark Harper
1073 Times
Andrea Leadsom
994 Times
Matt Hancock
957 Times
Dominic Raab
945 Times
Esther McVey
930 Times
Sajid Javid
912 Times
Rory Stewart
881 Times
Jo Swinson
849 Times
Ed Davey
832 Times
Jeremy Hunt
723 Times
Michael Gove
700 Times

Newly elected, a young Liberal Democrat leader rises in the polls while making a flagship manifesto promise. No, it’s not Jo Swinson promising to hold a People’s Vote and back Remain, but Nick Clegg promising to oppose any increases in tuition fees. Nine years ago, when the Lib Dems held the balance of power and the choice between a progressive Labour government and or the pro-austerity Tories who have cut local schools to the bone, they chose to back the Tories.

Once in office the Lib Dems didn’t obtain any meaningful power; Clegg chose not to head a department like being Home Secretary but the vanity position of Deputy Prime Minister. Instead of making good on their promises they repeatedly failed the constituents who had trusted them by tripling tuition fees and cutting benefits to those who needed them most in exchange for a tax on plastic bags and a referendum on proportional representation which was doomed to fail.

Although the Lib Dem party might be smaller today – enough MPs to fit into two taxis with the Tories who have joined them–this is still the party which turned their back on progressive Britain in 2010 for an alliance with the very party that started this Brexit mess and has kept us here for three years.

The simple fact is that the Lib Dems have a single promise this coming election – a second referendum on Brexit. Not only is it almost identical to Labour’s policy, minus the commitment to negotiate a softer Brexit, it is also one which any sensible resident will find hard to trust. Given that Jo Swinson was one of the Lib Dem MPs who went back on her personal pledge to triple tuition fees, can you really trust her on this?

There is nothing to reassure anyone in Harrogate & Knaresborough that, yet again, the Liberal Democrats will not go back on their largest promises for a ministerial car and pay rise.

Scratch a Lib Dem, find a Tory. Swinson’s voting record when serving as a minister under David Cameron says it all: for the bedroom tax, for tuition fees, for lower taxes for the 1% and for zero-hour contracts. She also threatened to freeze the minimum wage in 2013, offering “caution” against increases in ordinary worker’s wages while banker’s bonuses increased again and again and again.

The Lib Dems have ‘promised’ not to enter into any coalition with Labour. A Liberal vote is a vote for a minor party who are unwilling to help stop Boris Johnson from pursuing a damaging no-deal Brexit by backing the only alternative PM – Jeremy Corbyn.

Don’t waste your vote this coming election. Cast it for the party who doesn’t go back on their promises, who doesn’t cooperate with the Tories, and who will build a fairer country in the interests of the many, not the few. Cast it for the party promising a response to the climate emergency, investment in the North, and a second referendum to end the Brexit chaos.

Vote Labour.

Tories Admit General Election Date Aimed To Restrict Student Vote

“Boris Johnson’s campaign team have privately admitted that one of the advantages of an October 15 election was that it could limit the number of students registering to vote.

No 10 is said to have factored in term times in deciding to push for an early election as it would mean campaigns had less time to ensure that students registered to vote. Those on the electoral roll at their home address would be less likely to travel to vote.”

– The Times

Boris Johnson must not be allowed to rig the election by stopping students from voting. The Tories know that our young people have had enough of being ignored and are a force to be reckoned with.

Students should register to vote immediately so they can help us to get rid of this Tory government and end austerity.

Speak up. Speak out. Register to vote.

We’re Rebuilding Britain

Labour, Green and Lib Dem Parties in Harrogate District have issued a joint statement condemning Boris Johnson’s prorogation of Parliament:
As Chair of Harrogate and Knaresborough Constituency Labour Party I can confirm that we are appalled at the attempt by Mr Johnson to undermine our democratic Houses of Parliament in order to pursue a No Deal Brexit for which the country did not vote. We support all attempts to try to reverse this action and would encourage people to contact their MPs and to sign the online petitions available.

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Labour Can Win Here

Both the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats like to claim that ‘Labour can’t win’ in Harrogate & Knaresborough, despite the fact that this isn’t true. In fact our local party has been campaigning actively in the community for years and has built a real presence on the doorstep.

The truth is that the last time Harrogate & Knaresborough voted, in 2017, Labour doubled their share of the vote to over 20% – only 3 percentage points behind the Liberal Democrats, who barely increased their own share of the vote. In the 2018 local elections Labour also ran a strong challenge to the Liberal Democrats, coming only fourty votes behind in the Harrogate Fairfax ward after campaigning by local members. Labour and the Liberal Democrats are now neck and neck in the constituency, and Labour has momentum on its side.

Vote share change since 2015

Labour Vote Change
Conservative Vote Change
Liberal Democrat Vote Change
Independent Vote Change

2017 Election Results

Conservative Vote
Liberal Democrat Vote
Labour Vote
Independent Vote

Both parties have an interest in downplaying the chance of you electing a Labour MP who would work in the interests of the many, not the few, when representing Harrogate & Knaresborough. It is now possible that the many residents who want a Labour voice fighting for our area in Parliament can see that dream fulfilled, however, and cause a genuine change to the two-party system which has done nothing to help our local area.

A vote for Labour is not a wasted vote – it is a vote for a fairer economy, more money for our local schools and hospital, and a greener planet. Labour can win here, and will.

Help Us Prepare For A General Election

With Boris Johnson’s disastrous government now without a mandate and a majority, we are very likely to find ourselves with a General Election over the next few weeks.

A Labour Government will deliver more money for the NHS, introduce a Real Living Wage and launch a Green Industrial Revolution to address the climate emergency and create 400,000 green jobs. We will also reduce class sizes for all 5, 6 and 7 year olds and keep the Winter Fuel Allowance, free TV licences and bus passes for pensioners.

Unlike the Tories and their groups of super-rich friends, the heart of our party is ordinary people everywhere doing what they can, and giving what they can for a cause they believe in. So that we can win every election and rise to every challenge and transform our country for the many, not the few.

To do all of this we have to get Labour candidates elected and MPs re-elected. Any support you can offer will help make that happen.